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Welcome mail and newsletter might slip into spamfolder, so remember to check your spam

“What does Call 2 Action mean? Am I signing up for a task or what?”


Of course not – nothing in my newsletters are forced upon you. Regarding you as a member of my online family, I will strive to avoid any kind of spam. All you are signing up for is receiving a newsletter once a month and being notified on new posts. Anything more is entirely your call. Let me take you though what’s underneath the headlines…


The finer details to the fancy titles

The Regulars
The Monthly RecapA section in which I tell you what I have been up to since last I wrote to you. Don’t worry – I won’t tell you about shopping sprees or how I burned my dinner. It will be the high lights – perhaps blogging tips I’ve encountered, lessons I have learned and cool things that have happened – and of course a short recap of the most important posts – IMO – since my last newsletter.
The Spotlight CornerInspired by my “Fellow Blogger Promo” I’ve decided to add a section called “The Spotlight Corner” – this can be an entire blog, I’ve encountered (and LOVED, obviously), it can be a post, that made me think or a product or… well, anything really, that has made my heart beat just a little bit faster over the past month and I want to share the joy and inspiration.
The Monthly Brain FodderMy mind runs daily marathons and occasionally a thought comes through or a recent event, conundrum or debate makes me think or worry – The Monthly Brain Fodder is a section where I serve ONE – and only one – of those. Maybe it makes you think too. Maybe it makes you laugh. Maybe it even inspired you to write a post about it, because it triggered addditional thoughts in YOUR head. Anything can happen!
Planned PostsOf course every newsletter will let you know a little about the bigger plans and projects ahead. I have countdowns in my sidepanel on my blog, but this section will usually look a little further ahead and you will know more about the background for the posts.
First To KnowYou are part of my family online. And when big things happen, we share them with the ones closest to us FIRST. This means that you will be the first to know about collaborations, upcoming changes and enhancements to or any of the social media platforms I hold etc.
The Occasionals
Sneak PeaksI am currently writing on two books. Still very rough around the edges, but they will get there and more ideas will show as time goes by. As a part of my online family you will be the very first to get sneak peaks of ideas, covers, chapters and occasionally also the chance to deliver feed back or additional thoughts.
Free PrintablesDuring my work on the blog, the books, selfcaring and in general the daily analyzing, I come up with a lot of different sheats and lists and printables to help me in certain ways. Some or parts of these I will make available to you, so you might be able to benefit from them too.
Call 2 ActionThis is 100% free of choice. You volunteer to do it. And it can be a lot of things; helping filling out a poll or questionaire and/or sharing on your platforms, it can be simple questions, related to something I write. Or it can be a specific cause that I want to draw attention to and ask you to share (and hopefully – but not required – participate)… or to put it short:
Sometimes I need a little help with something, and it’s entirely up to you whether you answer my “call” or not.
CompetitionsI think this is self-explanatory and obviously when the first book is done, it will be part of it. But I am hoping and working on adding more things to the bunch.
Make Your Imprint on RtSIf I get an idea for a series in which I’d like a guestwriter, you will be the first I ask. You are also very welcome to approach me if you have a cool idea. It could also be a post I’m writing where I’d like some thoughts of yours represented in the post – such as “20 thoughts on depression” and so forth. In other words: I can work my ass off trying to raise awareness on mental health conditions and whatnots – and sometimes I’ll invite you to join the choir.
The more we are, the louder we sing.
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Welcome mail and newsletter might slip into spamfolder, so remember to check your spam

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