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Happy Nightmares and Nerdy Weekend

Good morning, it’s time to wriggle your luxurios bodies out of the warm comforts of bed and start a new and freeeesh week! Yup, it’s Monday again. The coffee’s brewing for me and My Lady, these are the minutes straight after feeding the cats and taking a morning piss myself and the minutes before My Lady gets up to take on a new week in the book store. Yeah, she’s a book store manager. How…

By Linda V. Lind October 29, 2018 5

How to make recovery easier

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS]   Today I’m going to show you my work day. I’m recovering, as you may know, from a huge mental break down and learning how to live and function with my Aspergers diagnosis without breaking down again. I’ve reached a point, as mentioned in “Shout out to the ones we love”, where I once a week work 3 hours at a place called Special Minds, a company that is focused on getting neurodiverse folk like…

By Linda V. Lind October 18, 2018 4