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On February 1st a new subscriber gift has been launched!

It’s called STRESS LESS BLOGGING and is a booklet, where I have collected all the things, I have implemented in my own blogging the first 3-4 months – inspired by years of managing positions and the tools these positions have given me.

You can read about it in the post GIVING BACK – Introduction to STRESS LESS BLOGGING or head straight for the Subscribe page.

You can follow my daily doings and ramblings on Twitter and Instagram and the more visual stuff and quirks on  Pinterest and the more autistic/mental health related on Facebook. On Medium you will find some of the more serious posts or posts I have written ONLY on Medium, such as “But I have no spoons left to give“.
I am also currently working on a private curricula page – I’ll share when I’m good and ready.

Luv ya :-*


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