Month: August 2018

Udviklingsforstyrrelse eller bare anderledes?

Hvordan vi taler om diagnoser som ADHD og autisme.   [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] Musisk inspiration fra Ella Hendersen “Glow” – linket fører til den officielle video på Youtube   (English translation in progress. You can subscribe in the sidebar to be notified on upcoming releases) Forleden på Facebook stødte jeg på et ret interessant opslag fra Psykiatrifonden, hvor de spørger om vi tør at anskue diagnoser som ADHD og autisme på en anden måde, henvisende til en…

By Linda V. Lind August 30, 2018 0

The Alien Life – A Life With Aspergers’ Syndrome

Inspirational tune: Carl Espen “Silent Storm” – link to official video on Youtube The morning is in it’s first hours. The first hesitant light of day has reached my place on the planet and the birds are beginning their wake up calls to the neighbourhood. After a day of – to me and in Denmark – a staggering 28 degrees celcius, my naked skin is soothed by a soft cooling breeze of the night that…

By Linda V. Lind August 21, 2018 0

Aaauuuw – I feel good!!

Inspirational tune: James Brown “I feel good” (link goes to YouTube, live 2005) It would be a hell of a lot easier to write this in Danish, but some of you are from other countries and ggaaawwddd I just wanna share! So – to sum things up: I have currently been on sick leave for a year, lost my job due to that, admitted to the psychiatric hospital to check for schizophrenia, got out with an…

By Linda V. Lind August 16, 2018 0