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Merry Christmas

Time for a breather? If you have 5 minutes, I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and give you a gift.
So kick those boots off, pour yourself a coffee and find the best chair in the house… you’ve earned a little break.

By Linda V. Lind December 24, 2018 2

5 quick lists on Aspergers Syndrome

Below you are going to find 5 quick lists on Aspergers Syndrome, but I do need to point out that – like anything else on this blog – this is Aspergers from my point of view. I cannot and will not speak for others. I can only say many with the diagnosis will recognize some or all of these – but not everyone. Use the following as a conversation piece, self-reflexion, guide etc. Ready?!  Set!…

By Linda V. Lind November 26, 2018 6