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Coming together – the magic of unity

It has been one fucked up week! Again! A man has been confirmed to the American Supreme Court, in spite of allegations that were not thoroughly investigated. The division that created in the population, was celebrated by a senator with the words “I never get tired of winning”. In Denmark, our government wants to imprison 10 year olds – as if the burka/niqap ban and their entire “ghetto-plan” wasn’t enough. A woman heading a new…

By Linda V. Lind October 8, 2018 0

Day of selfindulgence

Okay, I get it! It’s October, the mornings have grown darker and the rain today is literally determined to flood your neighbourhood. First glance in the awful bathroom mirror reveals a proud zit, that has settled down on your nose tip, just because you ate directly off the Nutella jar yesterday. And the day before yesterday. Your boobs are sore, because Red Day is getting awfully near and the pain in your back reveals too…

By Linda V. Lind October 5, 2018 4

Litter boxes and rainbows – happy October 1st

In lieu of the past days of Kavanaugh news, a Danish member of parliament on national TV verbally kicking a man too ill to take on a fulltime job, an aspiring member of parliament supporting statements from her own party that “migrants should be shot at” – AND the death of our highly beloved national rock troubadour, Kim Larsen (1945-2018), I think it’s time to pause, stop and regroup. This is Project Smile! The dark…

By Linda V. Lind October 1, 2018 0