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No Smoking Field Report/Part 3/60 hours

It really weird thinking about this – it’s been 60 hours now. And I’m doing quite all right considering. Considering…! Considering the shortage of breath. Considering the taste of what I can only describe as tar in my mouth. Considering the almost desperate cravings for food and sweets. Considering being short-tempered. Considering that I have no idea what to do with myself, when I get up in the morning, while I drink my beloved coffee,…

By Linda V. Lind October 18, 2018 0

No Smoking Field Report/Part 2/24 hours

Oh my dear friends, this is actually not even 24 hours. I stopped at 11am and it’s only 8.47am – but it sounds a little better, rather than 22 hours! If you’ve read posts like “Litter boxes and rainbows”, you’ll know that my morning routine is pretty much essential for the rest of the day to work. This morning, I’m sort of at a loss, not really getting any mojo going. I’m confused and uneasy…

By Linda V. Lind October 16, 2018 0

No Smoking Field Report/Part 1/10 hours in

 I was thinking about advertizing this as “The One & Only Easy Way To Quit Smoking”, but I realized that would probably be both click bait and a flat out lie.If you google a bit you will from your respective countries find plenty of advice on HOW to quit smoking, like slowly decreasing your number of cigarettes per day or replacing the usual smoking situations with other habits.My way is actually quite simpler: I ran…

By Linda V. Lind October 15, 2018 0