Senvinter sol
You will not believe how long I have waited for this. Well, if you are familiar with garden seasons, then maybe you do – but guys…I’ve been by to check up on things a few times during the winter, but these crooked fingers of mine have not touched soil since September last year. And you know I have an addictive nature…!Not that it really has anything to do with addiction, it’s more likely PASSION. Which
Slipknot on Rocking the Spectrum
Seems like now is as good a time as ever to do another “Top 5” to sort of get my writing jump started again. As revealed on Twitter and a group on Instagram, I’ve been taking some time off to breathe after my little autistic brain got ambushed by events beyond my control. Dark thoughts have been roaming and contaminating my cerebrum and technically I’m still in a kind of “reboot” mode. In a sense,
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No smoking field report, rocking the specctrum
There are a few ways to describe the chains of events the past month and most of them aren’t suited for the eyes and ears of children and weary souls. As you may know – I slipped! And I actually slipped twice. So this leaves me to wonder if I can actually allow myself to call it 4 months, and not rather reset the time and go with…well, zero seconds. I chose not to though
Since the beginning of December ’18, I have been thinking about what I wanted to replace the New Year Meditations, as they would obviously be a little outdated the further we got into 2019. I wanted it to be something that would be me giving back to the community for all the support and encouragement I have received myself.I settled on creating my first little digital book, to give me some practise for upcoming larger
Rocking the Spectrum
…I’m Keeping My Eyes on It I have spent the first three weeks of 2019 talking to you guys about change in different settings; from boosting your health and feel-good, to cleaning up messes and how to turn dreams into actual hardcore goals. Then shit hit the fan and guess what I did?I forgot all of my own good advice for just exactly long enough to slip with the cigarettes and going back to old