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We’ve all seen the lost souls sitting on benches with a cheap beer or a bottle of discount vodka, unbathed and in dirty clothes. When we talk about alcoholics, that is usually the image our minds go to. Reality is – as always – a lot more complicated. Alcohol abuse has many faces and we could even divide the concept into alcohol abuse and alcohol misuse. And while the distinction can be important in some
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Blogging has given me more than I could possibly have imagined when I started for real back in October ’18. There can be and are many reasons why we blog, us that succumb to that craving, be it passion, wanting to make a difference, share knowledge or make a living from your own living room, cafe or heck, even the beach, if we want to. What I think few realize before they start blogging and
If you have done my New Year Meditation© part 2, you will know, there is a question – or maybe I should say “kind reflection challenge” – that asks the meditator to define the difference between “dreams” and “goals”. I did the same thing in part 1, only the themes there were “excuses” and “reasons” – as I talked about in Jane Fonda – On Your Left!.Today I am going to share my point of
Last week I talked about lifestyle change as far as looking at your machinery; the food, the exercise, the sleep and the attention to good moments. This week I’ve hit you with the latest No Smoking Field Report, which dealt a little with the ways an addictive mind can try and play tricks on you. But what we sometimes forget is that the surroundings can play a part in our well being too. It depends
Fun fact – the older you get, the more often you catch yourself talking, or in the case of yours truly – writing, about how fast time goes by. Or am I just thinking it a lot, forgetting that I have never written that before? I have no real clue, honestly, and I must leave it up to observant and dedicated readers with better memories than mine, to uncover this insignificant piece of truth. Fact