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De-Clutter Nutter Mother

An often forgotten part of feeling better is taking care of your surroundings. I’m showing you some of my tips and tricks, not only on decluttering but in general in building yourself up and getting back into daily routines…IN YOUR PACE!

By Linda V. Lind January 11, 2019 1

A Personal Review Of the Authorship Of Corey Taylor

…Or Introducing the Concept Of Influention Preliminary Words It seems to be a re-occurring event that I find myself wondering what the fuck possessed me at a certain point, when I was making some sort of crucial decision that I knew – or should have known – would affect this neurodiverse brain of mine. However much tested this pink blob behind my forehead is, I seriously doubt the results of said tests, as I see…

By Linda V. Lind December 1, 2018 2

Week of Sensory Badassery

It has been one helluva week! The scedule for this week, blog-wise, is somewhat insane – or it was until I decided to do this combo-post where I’m kinda collecting all the awsomeness into one. It has still been somewhat insane, considering I also went to a WordPress MeetUp, had prolonged hours at work, dentist appointment… all of which to regular folk sounds like a bit of a bother, but any fellow autistics out there…

By Linda V. Lind November 9, 2018 2

Coming together – the magic of unity

It has been one fucked up week! Again! A man has been confirmed to the American Supreme Court, in spite of allegations that were not thoroughly investigated. The division that created in the population, was celebrated by a senator with the words “I never get tired of winning”. In Denmark, our government wants to imprison 10 year olds – as if the burka/niqap ban and their entire “ghetto-plan” wasn’t enough. A woman heading a new…

By Linda V. Lind October 8, 2018 0