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No Smoking Field Report/part 8/3 months

I am willing to bet that a lot of current smokers have tried to stop more than once. Isn’t it time, we did something new? Something outside the box that will help them succeed? I am not saying my ideas are the golden path – I am saying that we need to approach the next part of the journey with a different mindset.

By Linda V. Lind January 7, 2019 2

Investigation of sexual assualt matters!

I am emotional. Unable to define those emotions. But as I watch the two women question Jeff Flake, I tear up. The vision on my IPad screen takes me back. I remember dispair. Violation. The excruciating shame. My core is shaken and cold. I tighten the blanket around my body. Uneasy I bend my legs and wrap my arms around my knees. Slowly and silently I rock my body back and forth, autistically stimming to…

By Linda V. Lind September 29, 2018 0

Udviklingsforstyrrelse eller bare anderledes?

Hvordan vi taler om diagnoser som ADHD og autisme.   [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] Musisk inspiration fra Ella Hendersen “Glow” – linket fører til den officielle video på Youtube   (English translation in progress. You can subscribe in the sidebar to be notified on upcoming releases) Forleden på Facebook stødte jeg på et ret interessant opslag fra Psykiatrifonden, hvor de spørger om vi tør at anskue diagnoser som ADHD og autisme på en anden måde, henvisende til en…

By Linda V. Lind August 30, 2018 0